“If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute…”

Sunset overlooking Grand Traverse Bay along the Old Mission Peninsula Wine Trail

In Northern Michigan, there has never been a truer saying that fits our weather patterns this past week. Most of the snow melted, everything looked muddy, the snowdrops bloomed, the crocus’ started to push out their blossoms, and the tips of the hyacinth were emerging. This is called “First Fake Spring.”.  By Sunday, the temperature was dropping down from a of high 63 degrees.  The forecast for Monday was more snow, rain and dropping temperatures on Tuesday, and Wednesday, Sunny skies again.

(The meteorologists from our local, 9 & 10 News were correct on all counts.)

Sunday was THE DAY to go rockhounding before all the beaches were covered with snow again.

Even though it was a bit chilly, there is nothing better than beach combing into the evening. I highly suggest warm clothing if you’re headed out to the beaches this time of year. A hoodie might keep you warm enough for half an hour, however I always check out what the area fishermen are wearing before I step foot on the beach. This week they were sporting Carhartt jackets, so that’s what worked for me. I find it easier to find certain types of stones because of the angle of the sun. When it becomes too dark to distinguish the variety of rocks, watching the sunset over the Grand Traverse Bay is a perfect end to the day.

Sunsets over our Michigan lakes will mess with your breath.

There IS that moment when it will truly take your breath away.  Once you inhale again, you will breathe much easier as the sun lowers past the horizon.

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